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Traditional colleges are the preferred option for many degree-seeking students. The reputation and recognition of an accredited university gives students a competitive advantage in the job market, and the structured classroom setting of on-campus classes is conducive to academic success for many students.

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Non-traditional colleges offer educational programs that help students prepare for employment on a certain career path and provide the educational background necessary to form a strong foundation in the field. SchoolSpot specializes in connecting students with non-traditional colleges that offer a stimulating curriculum, flexible scheduling, and a cutting edge learning environment.

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Academic excellence is important to nearly every aspect of life, and an in-person or online tutor can help your child master difficult concepts, solve complex problems, and develop a love for learning. A qualified tutor can assist your child with difficult subjects or concepts to improve academic performance and pave the way for future educational success.

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Taking tests such as the SAT, ACT or GMAT gives your child the ability to demonstrate his or her academic knowledge and skills to colleges or universities. Performing well on these tests is essential, and a qualified test prep tutor can help students understand key concepts, core skills, and master fundamental problems that often come up during the tests.