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How to Prepare for College - Power Tips from SchoolSpot

If you’ve considered going back to school, knowing where to start can help you prepare for the college experience. Going back to college is a once in a lifetime experience, and being prepared will help you navigate your new college and improve your academic performance once you start your classes. Before you choose a school, you should think about the type of degree that you want to seek and find a school that offers an excellent degree program in that field of study. If you don’t know exactly what you want to major in, it’s important to find a school that has a well-rounded curriculum that will allow you to explore several options.

Tip #1: Finding the Right School to Match Your Personality and Your Learning Style

An important factor to consider when evaluating schools is the school’s learning environment, e.g. small class sizes, online classes, cutting edge learning materials, etc. The school that you choose should have an atmosphere that complements your learning style so that you can excel in your classes.

Power Tip: Personality Points

The college that you choose should also fit your personality. If you enjoy getting involved with your campus, a college with an active campus life and social scene would be the ideal choice. If you are more focused on your academic achievement, a college that has outstanding academic credentials might be the best choice.

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Tip #2: Ace Your Applications

After you’ve chosen a few colleges that you want to apply to, start filling out your applications early. Request applications from every college and then take a moment to look over all of the requirements and deadlines associated with each application. Make sure to write down when each application is due and give yourself plenty of time to prepare the application.

Before you’re ready to apply for college, it may help to prepare a list of achievements, accolades, recommendations, extracurricular and volunteer activities in advance. With this list in hand, you will be able to zip through your applications.

Power Tip: Ace the Essay

When writing essays, make sure they are thoughtful, coherent, accurate, honest, concise, and individual. Your essay should include vivid descriptions to captivate your audience. Many students write bland essays, so try to make your essay as interesting and unique as possible so that you can stand out from the other applicants.

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Tip #3: Time Management: Finding a Balance

When you start your college classes, it is essential to find a balance in your life. College classes require focus, intense studying, and daily preparation. By allocating time each day to your classes, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed in the week preceding exams. Studying for college classes will require dedication and focus, and knowing the best way to study for your classes will help you succeed.

Power Tip: Make Time for You

While it’s important to devote some time each day to your classes, it’s equally important to balance your time between work and play. Getting involved in the social scene at your school can help you meet some great new friends and enjoy your college experience so make sure to take time away from school to enjoy college life.

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Tip #4: Studying for College Exams

While the exams may seem far away when you first begin your classes, preparing early can help you avoid a crisis later. One of the most important things that you can do to prepare for your exams is to attend all of your classes and take good notes. Sometimes professors will ask questions on the exam that aren’t mentioned in the text books so it’s important not to solely rely on your text book to get you through your exams. Make sure to schedule your classes at a good time so that you will go to them. If you’re not a morning person, don’t schedule morning classes because you probably won’t go.

Power Tip: Study Hints

After each class, you may want to take some time to go over your notes and add additional notes that you may have missed while you were listening to the lecture. By taking this step, you will be better prepared for your exams. Make sure to also keep up with your reading and homework assignments so that you can avoid having to cram for the exam at the last minute.

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Tip #5: Enjoy the College Experience!

College is a time that offers many opportunities and challenges, but it’s a very rewarding experience for most students. If this is the first time you will be living away from home, adjusting to a new environment and atmosphere can be daunting, but it’ll be full of great memories. So our final tip is to enjoy your college experience!

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Are you ready to go back to school?

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